Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Myung-Ae Lee Minimize

Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator
Location: Seoul, South Korea


Myung-ae Lee is the vice president of InnoTraining Inc., Kirkpatrick Affiliate (USA). She is an expert on lectures, teaching materials development / translation, consulting and statistical analysis related to Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation.

She has certificates and licenses for Kirkpatrick Certified Professional (KCP) - Silver Level, InnoTraining® Certified Facilitator (ICF) and Korean dentist.

Her main areas of activity include educational evaluation and educational innovation. She has experience in HR consulting, statistical analysis, psychology and career development and needs analysis (MBTI, STRONG, Firo-B, etc.), EAP and NCS consulting.

She has been active in a wide range of industries and fields, including Samsung, Hyundai, and other large corporations, government agencies, public institutions, and SMEs (more than 10).

In addition to statistical analysis of bio information, she is interested in the development of educational evaluation methodology using statistical techniques and the study of statistical analysis of learning transfer (Big Data Analysis) using Learning Transfer Platform (LTP) .

She has devoted much of her time and energy to the domesticization of the PROMOTE®, a learning transfer platform (LTP), which originated in Northern Europe and is now exported to 25 countries worldwide and applied to more than one million educational programs. In particular, she focuses on educational evaluation and educational innovation and learning transition big data statistical analysis in health care field.

She would like to clarify the relationship between Level 3 (behavior, job application) assessments and Level 4 (results, performance) assessments, required drivers (monitor, encourage, reward, reinforce), successes, barriers, leading indicators. In particular, she is also working on the analysis and comparison of the effects of PROMOTE® on the educational effectiveness and performance when it is applied or not.

She says, "Education alone cannot produce the desired results, and when we use tools other than education, we can nurture and maintain talent. The Republic of Korea should not miss the opportunity to foster 10 million talented people. I will be a researcher who is committed to that work."

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