Kirkpatrick® Impact Studies

What You Can Expect From a Kirkpatrick Impact Study

Business and government stakeholders are demanding Kirkpatrick Impact Studies that show training significantly impacts the bottom line.

Kirkpatrick experience and best practice research will provide the evidence you need in the form of a Kirkpatrick® Impact Study.

The worldwide experts in training evaluation will take a deep and honest look at one or two of your current training programs. Practical, comprehensive feedback to improve the content and demonstrate the organizational value will be provided in a ready-to-share presentation.

The presentation is in plain language that both learning and business professionals can understand, and includes both learning and business improvements that can be applied not just to the programs in the study, but future programs as well.

Kirkpatrick Impact Study Deliverables

Kirkpatrick Impact Studies will:

  • Showcase bottom-line impact from quantitative and qualitative perspectives
  • Identify factors that led to program success
  • Uncover and address opportunities for improvement
  • Create a compelling chain of evidence showing the value of your program(s)
  • Provide a pilot to develop your own customized, comprehensive evaluation methodology

Kirkpatrick Impact Study Process

Our impact studies are efficient and effective in showing the organizational value of your programs.

Additional follow up consulting is occasionally desired, which Kirkpatrick Partners
can provide based on your specific needs.

Identify programs to include in study

Create comprehensive four levels evaluation plans for selected programs

Review current evaluation methods and data

Collect relevant quantitative and qualitative data from multiple
sources using a variety of Level 3 and Level 4 methods

Provide final presentation, ready to share with stakeholders, in plain business language detailing the initiative’s purpose, methodology, impact, success factors and recommendations, including opportunities for improvement

Present key elements of study to relevant staff so process improvements can be made and similar studies can be replicated in the future

What our customers
are saying

Our training department was directed to demonstrate the value we bring to the business. A Kirkpatrick® Impact Study found hidden value in our efforts and detailed recommendations for  increased business impact in future initiatives.

I applied the recommendations to an important new program. We systematically applied the Kirkpatrick principles in two pilot districts. Results in both districts improved over the next year while the other eight districts continued to deteriorate!

Our stakeholders were convinced of the value of training. It improved our departmental image and my future as a learning professional.

Learning and Development Specialist
State Department of Transportation

We conducted a Kirkpatrick® Impact Study to determine the impact of our e-learning program on the bottom line. Preliminary findings showed only a modest contribution to overall business results. A review of all quantitative and qualitative data revealed five additional success factors that, along with the training, made a significant impact.

The important lesson we learned is the importance of recognizing all success factors, and partnering with the business to enhance and align all of them for maximum program value.

Learning and Development Project Manager
Law enforcement arm, U.S. Government Agency

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