Kirkpatrick® Silver Program

Kirkpatrick Silver Certification blends the renowned Kirkpatrick Model with the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Model, forming a comprehensive approach to training evaluation and its impact on business. This integrative program guides participants in building strategic business partnerships and developing effective training evaluation plans. Emphasizing real-world application, the program offers a platform for learning global best practices and sharing personal experiences in an engaging, conversational setting.

During the program, participants engage in an immersive and holistic process, focusing on creating, delivering, and demonstrating the value of training. The curriculum is designed to equip participants with advanced skills in data collection, analysis, and the practical application of these insights to optimize training outcomes. Enhancing this experience, you will join an online community of peers, fostering discussions and collaboration with fellow participants and facilitators. With a cap of 25 participants, the program ensures personalized attention, allowing for detailed feedback and support in a collaborative environment.

The program culminates with participants developing and presenting individual action plans and final reports, which are aimed at illustrating the outcomes and impact of their training initiatives. Certification is awarded following a successful presentation to Kirkpatrick Partners, which is scheduled within 12 months of course completion. After successful completion, access to an online community of Kirkpatrick graduates ensures your learning journey continues, providing a platform to stay connected, share experiences, and deepen your knowledge. This program is particularly suitable for professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in training evaluation and to align their training efforts with strategic business goals.