Win Them Over with In-Person Testimonials: “Jimisms” #3

October 28, 2015

Last week, we explained why you should avoid pulling a vanishing act after your training programs. Click here if you missed it.

This week, we’ll discuss how the right introduction can add heart and power to your training programs and post-program story of value.

When presenting your chain of evidence to your stakeholders to show the value that your training has brought to the business, metrics are only part of the story. Go the extra step by seeking to create an emotional connection with the people who have been involved in attaining the success.

At an appropriate and dramatic time, after presenting “the facts,” pull out the testimonies of those who have become ambassadors and benefactors of the initiative. Their words, either live or videotaped, will add heart and power to the metrics, and will serve as the proverbial icing on the cake.

The best testimonies display a dramatic difference between before and after. This is what we call a “historical comparison,” and it is much easier to obtain than academic pre and post learning, performance and results.

This method isn’t only beneficial when presenting your results. It also can be used during a training class by inviting a previous training participant to the session to share what they have done since the training, thus inspiring current attendees to go and do likewise. 

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