Reinvent Your Training Strategy with “Jimisms” – #1

October 14, 2015

Training evaluation is both an art and a science, but it needs to be kept simple to offer any hope of organizational adoption. 

We as trainers need to reinvent ourselves to connect to the business, becoming strategic and tactical business partners rather than just training deliverers.

In this quick tip series, I’ll explain how I use everyday language that all can relate to, remember and successfully implement in order to affect this reinvention. Read on for the first “Jimism.” 

The first method I highly encourage implementing is “Pull up a Chair” or “PUC.” While metrics help to provide strong evidence of value, they are not the best way to gather the truth about what is going on in training or follow-up. 

During training, I recommend that, on occasion, the trainer close the facilitator’s guide, pull up a chair, and simply ask the participants how the previous material has been received. This is particularly important when delivering difficult content, or skills that will be especially challenging to apply for whatever reason.

Here are examples of questions you can ask when pulling up a chair:

  • Can someone tell us what this all means, in your own words?
  • How do you feel about making these changes in your work?
  • What kind of extra help will you need to apply this?

While this typically applies to Level 2 in regards to confidence, it is also advisable to pull up a chair at Level 3 to find out how things are going.

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