Essential Strategies for Protecting Your Training Investment

December 20, 2023

Are your training programs living up to their full potential? As learning and development professionals, it’s normal for us to wonder whether we’re properly protecting our training investment. Let’s dive into the challenges training programs sometimes face and look at strategies to get the most out of your training investment.

Unleashing the Power of Training

In the past, training and learning resources haven’t gotten the love they deserve, with only 15% hitting the mark. The issue? Too much emphasis on creating content and not enough on putting the training to good use. It’s time to shake things up and connect the dots between traditional training approaches and how adults really learn and thrive.

The Need for Performance and Results

Too often, vendors get sidetracked with pushing the latest learning tools and tech without giving enough attention to performance and results. It’s no wonder some people see training as just another cost. Relying too much on formal training without ongoing support can make learning less effective. That’s why it’s crucial to have someone on the receiving end who can guide the focus toward applying what’s learned and boosting performance.

Evaluating Training Programs: The Kirkpatrick Model

The Kirkpatrick Model offers a fantastic framework for evaluating how well our training programs perform at four levels: reaction, learning, behavior, and results. With this model, we like to start with the end in mind (Level 4: Results) and work backward, because we understand that the overall impact on the organization and how well people use what they’ve learned on the job (Level 3: Behavior) are what’s most important. When we tie in observations, feedback, and performance metrics, we get better evaluations and build a culture based on support and accountability.

Building Trust and Focusing on the Experience

Trust between managers and employees is the building block to getting real performance results. It’s the secret sauce that makes your company culture blossom with positivity. Moreover, it boosts employee confidence, sparks initiative and innovation, and leads to positive change. Instead of chasing after financial gains, when we put our energy into understanding and supporting our clients, we build a bridge to customer loyalty and a steady income stream. Keeping that support and encouragement flowing is the key to long-term engagement and making genuine, positive changes that stick.

Protecting the Training Investment

As learning and development professionals, it’s our mission to protect our training investment by making sure it clicks with organizational goals and outcomes. Just focusing on completion rates isn’t enough. Using the Kirkpatrick Model as our guide, we can measure the real impact of our training. And there’s no need to fly solo. When we bring stakeholders into the evaluation process, we create a culture of evaluation, accountability, and continuous enhancement that will take your training program to the next level!

Ready to learn more? Check out the latest episode of The Kirkpatrick Podcast, where hosts Vanessa Alzate and Jim Kirkpatrick chat about how you can better protect your learning investments.

It’s a must-listen for anyone looking to make a genuine impact on their organization through top-notch training and development practices!

Listen or watch the latest episode here:

Remember, the real magic happens when we fine-tune how we apply training and get results. When we build a culture of trust, engagement, and continuous improvement, we give our training programs a better shot at success.

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