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Bank A is a national commercial bank in China whose credit card business leads the entire industry both in technologies and services. However, the workforce began to go downhill as they were losing necessary drivers and motivation to move forward during the last 30 years of development.

The corporate university then launched a program named the Second Business Pioneering Program to boost career competitiveness of the staff so as to change attitudes, motivate employees and improve work performance with Kirkpatrick Four Levels.

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Forms of training and ways to learn seem ever-changing. Trends and fads come and go, but the industry standard in evaluation remains.

Learn how the Kirkpatrick Model remains effective, no matter the decade or the evolution of training. Find out how it can help improve your program results. See how the Kirkpatrick Model has stood the test of time.

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"I remember clearly leaving a training programme a few years ago thinking how much I had enjoyed the training and looked forward to using the learning on the job.

But a while later I remember being so disappointed as I reflected back on how little I had managed to use in my daily work. Lack of opportunity, conflict with my manager’s own views and my own workload had all contributed to me not applying what I had learnt.

I wonder how many of us have been in this situation?"

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The Academy of Program/Project and Engineering Leadership (APPEL) shares their success using the Kirkpatrick Model to evaluate their program effectiveness for The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Read more in this guest feature reprinted with permission.

APPEL Goes Gold

APPEL supports NASA by providing development and training for the agency’s technical workforce. To reinforce the value of its offerings, the Academy recently brought home the gold. 

APPEL takes the design, development, and delivery of courses extremely seriously, as they are critical components of training. Just as important is confirming the value of the training. The Academy accomplishes this by evaluating the effectiveness of its offerings. Evaluation allows APPEL to assess whether its programs meet learner needs and objectives, whether knowledge and skills are imparted as intended, whether desired changes in performance are achieved, and what organizational benefits result from the training.

APPEL evaluates the effectiveness of all of its courses to confirm their value to NASA’s workforce. Here, participants in the course Project Management for non-Technical Managers, held in September 2016 at NASA Headquarters, explore the tools and techniques that are critical to planning and managing any project successfully. Credit: NASA/Dan Daly

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L&D manager Cyndee Gorkowski was the winner of the 2016 ATD Valley of the Sun Don Kirkpatrick Scholarship. She was awarded complimentary attendance in a Kirkpatrick bronze level program.

Throughout 2017, Cyndee shared updates after implementing the Kirkpatrick methodology as part of a large training initiative for 4,000 company employees.

Her third update follows. It covers how to take corrective measures when Level 3 progress appears stalled.

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Cyndee Gorkowski, an L&D manager and winner of last year's ATD Valley of the Sun Don Kirkpatrick Scholarship, was awarded complimentary attendance in a Kirkpatrick bronze level program.

This week, Cyndee shares her second update after applying what she learned in the program to a large training initiative within her company.

Through Cyndee's story of successful training for more than 4,000 employees, you'll learn how program preparation can pay off for you, too.

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This week, we hear from talent development professional Kevin M. Yates. His real-life application of the Kirkpatrick Model helped write his program's success story. Yours can be next.

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Marta Wilmoth, the recipient of the 2015 ATD Don Kirkpatrick Scholarship, has earned her bronze level certification and is implementing what she learned. 

Here she explains how she identified the missing link in her organization's evaluation strategy, and provides tips that can help you do the same.

Read on to learn about Marta's project and how she is climbing to the "top of the mountain."

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