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Entries for February 2012

This week we are pleased to share our newest article from the February issue of Training Magazine.

Read as Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick explain how return on expectations (ROE) demonstrates the degree to which training initiatives satisfy the expectations of key business stakeholders.

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Kirkpatrick Quick Tip Vol. 2: #6

In this interview with Jim Kirkpatrick, author Dr. Sydney M. Savion discusses her new book, Camouflage to Pinstripes: Learning to Thrive in Civilian Culture.

In this 12-minute interview, Savion compares the progression that military veterans make as they re-enter the civilian workforce to how the learning and performance industry needs to transform a new generation of training providers into strategic business partners.

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This week, Kirkpatrick Partners is pleased to congratulate IU Health on their 2011 ASTD BEST award! In particular, we're recognizing the efforts of Linda Hainlen, one of our Kirkpatrick certified facilitators as a key team member.

Below, Linda shares how her learning team helped to raise customer satisfaction scores from the 70
th to 98th percentile by utilizing the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Model.

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This week, our special guest blogger Robert O. Brinkerhoff, Ed.D., an internationally recognized expert in evaluation and training effectiveness, talks about why it is better for training leaders to worry about pay-off to the customer than it is trying to earn a high ROI score.

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Kirkpatrick Quick Tip Vol. 2: #5

What information do executives really want from training? How should this information be presented?

Listen to this seven-minute quick tip to find out the answers, and hear an example of how it was done successfully.

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