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Entries for August 2017

Four Levels of Training Evaluation BookSo far in this quick tip series, we have looked at two prime opportunities to gain manager involvement in your training initiatives:

1. Initial program scoping

2. Program kickoff 

This week, we discuss another key time in the life cycle of an initiative -- after the formal training program.

Read on to learn how to engage managers in your post-program accountability and support efforts.

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Attendees of a recent Kirkpatrick silver certification program pose with "Training on Trial," authored by Jim & Wendy Kirkpatrick. The book is a bonus for silver program participants.

Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitators Melanie Martinelli & Preethi B Rao (pictured, center) led the program, held in India.

Click here to view all photos from our programs worldwide.

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Last week, we began a new quick tip series on how to actively engage managers and program sponsors throughout the lifecycle of a major initiative, beginning with initial program scoping. Click here if you missed it.

The second key opportunity for partnering with senior leaders is during the launch and early support of the major initiative. They can become your greatest program champions. This is especially critical when you intend for the initiative to be implemented in the most effective manner, going above and beyond the traditional training event emphasis by including a comprehensive required driver package of support and accountability tools implemented during execution.

Read on for three specific tips for utilizing a program kickoff champion to strengthen your initiative.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil was the site of a recent Kirkpatrick bronze certification program. The interactive South American session was led by Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator Regina Camargo, who facilitated in Portuguese.

See all photos from this event here.

Click here to view all opportunities to earn your Kirkpatrick certification in the U.S. or abroad.

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Many training professionals struggle to gain program sponsor and/or line manager buy-in for new programs. One of the questions Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick repeatedly hear is, "How do you get manager involvement in your training initiatives?"

It is common knowledge that the more touchpoints a salesperson has with a potential client or customer, the more likely that customer is to buy. The same principle is true here.

We have identified four opportunities along with the life of a major initiative to partner with program sponsors and/or line managers to maximize results. Each of the four parts of this new quick tip series on maximizing manager involvement will cover one of these four opportunities.

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Kirkpatrick in India:  Kirkpatrick affiliate C2C Organizational Development recently hosted a breakfast roundtable on "Training Effectiveness – How to Turn this Bane into a Boon" in Bengaluru, India.

Melanie Martinelli and Preethi Rao, both Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitators, hosted the informative session. See all photos from this event here. 

Click here to view all opportunities to learn more about Kirkpatrick in the U.S. and abroad.

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Led by Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator Laura Sharon, the team at the Virginia Department of Health recently worked toward their Kirkpatrick bronze certifications.

Click here to view all photos from this Virginia program.

Do you feel like it's time to pursue your bronze certification? There are several in-person and online options available. To select from a robust schedule of upcoming programs, click here.

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Four Levels of Training Evaluation Book

Does your current training evaluation plan look something like this:

Level 1: smile sheets
Level 2: testing
Level 3: 90-day survey
Level 4: ??

If so, it's time to upgrade to a hybrid approach by implementing a Blended Evaluation Plan® that measures multiple levels at the same time and allows you and others to start seeing the connections between the levels.

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