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This series is about how to maximize the on-the-job performance of employees through required drivers. Our first quick tip was about monitoring performance. How do you know it's occurring if it isn't somehow checked? 

The second quick tip was about reinforcement. We want to be sure we are supporting employees in their journey of performance improvement and subsequent contribution to their organization's strategy.

This week, we want to continue with another way to support on-the-job application -- encouragement. 

Encouragement probably occurs on the job all the time, but you will want to plan ways for it to occur a bit more formally and regularly in support of the identified critical behaviors

For complex or largely new critical behaviors, such as those for which a new supervisor might be responsible, a formal coach or mentor could be assigned. Obviously, this is only practical in situations in which the critical behavior package is important to organizational success and complicated enough that the training graduate may struggle to perform it well. 

Managers and supervisors have multiple pre-existing priorities, so there is a movement towards more peer mentoring and encouragement programs. At Kirkpatrick Partners, we go about encouraging each other in a number of ways.

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Jim Kirkpatrick and Marsha Denton recently facilitated a Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level in Virginia. 

Click here to see photos of the program.

Interested in attending a Kirkpatrick program? Click here to view our upcoming program schedule.

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At the end of June, Jim Kirkpatrick traveled to Sweden to help facilitate both a bronze and silver program with our affiliate Mindset. While there, Jim also presented at A Mindset for Results 2016.

Click here to see photos of Jim's travels and the program participants.

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On July 14, in cooperation with Training Magazine Network, the Kirkpatricks presented their newest webinar, More Fatal Kirkpatrick® Model Execution Errors - Practical Tips for Identifying and Correcting Them.

This webinar follows the success of our March webinar, Fatal Kirkpatrick® Model Execution Errors - Practical Tips for Identifying and Correcting Themin which 3 different fatal errors were detailed. This new webinar shared new and different errors for you to avoid, as well as tactics to assist you in designing and implementing training that really works. 

The Kirkpatrick Model is the most-used training evaluation model in the world. This does not, however, mean that it is always implemented correctly. What does misapplication put at risk? The image that training holds in many organizations, the future of your training department and, ultimately, your job. 

Listen to this informative webinar with Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick, creators of the New World Kirkpatrick Model, to find out the most common execution errors, what is at risk if you make them and how to avoid them in the first place. Pick up practical tips that any training professional can implement to maximize their program value and demonstrate it to their organizations and stakeholders. 

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The first quick tip in this series described the importance of monitoring critical on-the-job behaviors of training graduates to make sure they are occurring and being done correctly.

Monitoring is often seen as something akin to "big brother watching over us" or "micromanaging." Well, that is no reason not to do it. It must be done or Level 4 Results will be in serious jeopardy. Thankfully, however, the Kirkpatrick Model also includes three other types of required drivers.

The first group of required drivers in the support category consists of methods of reinforcement. These are items that remind training graduates of what they are supposed to do, and provide additional training and guidance, if needed. 

Many of these reinforcement methods can be designed and built in advance of training, such as job aids, reminders, refreshers and on-the-job modules. Reinforcing is a category in which training likely performs the key role. 

In the reinforcing category, technology can actually be a plus and feel more personal than one would expect. For example, after our own programs, we have a series of follow-up messages that can be scheduled to launch automatically via email once per week. In these messages, we reference what graduates might want to consider at that time, give them links to more information and invite them to contact us with questions or comments. Often, participants view these as personal messages from us and take them as opportunities to reconnect with us. 

Let's have a look at what we do at Kirkpatrick Partners to reinforce the application of critical behaviors. 

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The Don Kirkpatrick Scholarship is an annual scholarship program that was established by the Valley of the Sun Chapter of the Association for Talent Development in 2012, in conjunction with Kirkpatrick Partners.

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide members of the local ATD-VOS community the opportunity to enhance their effectiveness and business impact by learning and applying the Kirkpatrick Model for evaluating training programs.

Any ATD-VOS member is eligible to enter. The scholarship covers the cost of attending a Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level. For more information about the scholarship and how to apply, click here.

All applications must be in by August 1.

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Our affiliate Formaeva hosted its first Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level in Romania at the end of June.

Click here to see photos of the participants.

Interested in attending a Kirkpatrick bronze program? Click here to view our upcoming program schedule.

Already earned your bronze certification? Click here to register for one of our upcoming silver programs.

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Beginning in 2007, during the early development of Kirkpatrick Partners, plans and actions were drafted to ensure the maximization of both Levels 3 and 4. This still occurs today with continuous evaluation and improvement. 

Required drivers are defined as processes and systems that reinforce, monitor, encourage or reward performance of critical behaviors on the job. For this week and the weeks following, we will look at each of these four components of the Level 3 required driver package from within Kirkpatrick Partners. The purpose is to help every employee and organization to be successful.

We begin our series with Monitoring. Like we discuss in our new book, Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Training Evaluation, monitoring is all about accountability. If there is no system of accountability in place after training, even those with good intentions will give up or wander back to the way they used to do things. People are conditioned by the fact that organizations monitor and report on what they think is important, such as sales, profitability, customer retention, employee turnover, defective rate, scrap or waste, market share, etc.

Now, let's look at the practices inside of Kirkpatrick Partners.

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