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Don Kirkpatrick: Four Years Gone But Still Here
By Jim Kirkpatrick

I still feel his presence when I see a sunset or play a round of golf. I sometimes still hear his voice when I hear my own. My dad was an easy man to get to know. At least on the surface. Spend a summer day with him in Wisconsin and you will know him.

In case you never had the honor, I am going to help you. Following is a quiz to help you guess and learn what you might have missed. To learn the answers, take the live quiz here:


I also see my Dad in many of you. When one of you makes a witty comment. When a small group talks about ‘getting to Level 3’. When one of you helps another. When any of you live a life of integrity and kindness.

Mostly, I remember his spirit. It surrounds all that he did and thought and wrote. Wendy and I often see his spirit alive when we have the honor of working and laughing with you. His spirit – our spirit, your spirit – is the secret ingredient that sets the Kirkpatrick Model apart from all the others. And he, and we, thank you for that and pledge to continue to try to walk in his steps.

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# Chuck Udell
Wednesday, May 2, 2018 2:09 PM

Very nice words about your dad. I am so sorry I never met him - however after taking the quiz, I do him better.

Warm regards,
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