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Informal meeting 2In training, we certainly talk a lot about informal learning. But as training professionals, are we leveraging the power of it for ourselves?

When I (Wendy) was a training manager about a decade ago, I joined my local ASTD chapter with the goal of networking with other training professionals. I didn’t have any particularly high expectations for the value, but was really struck by how a few hours and little investment really benefited me.

I met a number of people who worked near my area, and we agreed to meet for lunch weekly just to talk and share ideas. We talked about training programs, job aids, challenging situations and whatever was top of mind for each of us. I came away from each lunch with numerous ideas and tools that immediately helped me, all for the price of my own lunch and an hour that would have been devoted to lunch anyway.

If your resources are tight, creating your own informal learning committee is a time and cost-effective way to exchange ideas and tools. Even if you have an ample budget, cross-pollinating ideas with professionals from non-competitive industries keeps things fresh.

I am sure this tip is something many of you have already implemented. Please share your ideas and thoughts in our discussion in the Kirkpatrick Evaluation discussion group in LinkedIn, or by logging in and commenting below.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014 7:54 AM
Wendy, I’m struck by how the knowledge sharing you describe here matches the idea of collaborative learning and personal knowledge management expounded by Jane Hart and Harold Jarche. For me, the internet provides an invaluable resource for the sort of informal networking we all did in cafes years ago. I have a high through-put of world class thinkers to converse with and to learn from – including the Kilpatricks of course!
# Wendy Partners
Thursday, February 27, 2014 2:28 PM
Dear Kenneth,

Thanks for sharing these more modern takes on the same idea! Even though we often view technology as impersonal, I agree that it provides a wonderful and free way to interact with people with whom it may not otherwise be possible.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Wendy Kirkpatrick
eLearning Learning

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