Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator Phil WillcoxKirkpatrick Certified Facilitator
Location: Manchester, UK

Phil Willcox is a Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator and affiliate with Kirkpatrick Partners in the UK region. He has over 12 years of Learning and Organisational Development as well as Human Resources experience with a background in public and private sector organisations.

Phil is also an approved facilitator for CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) qualifications; his managerial and leadership backgrounds also accredit him as an ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) approved facilitator.

Applying the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Model has delivered great results for the clients with whom Phil has worked.

“It is exceptionally rare for me to leave a conversation with anyone I work with without discussing the topics of evaluation, return on investment (less so expectation) or value for money.  That is where the Kirkpatrick business model can come into its own as a tool in the L&D professional’s kitbag, to show how we help businesses perform.”

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