Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Kirkpatrick Affiliates Minimize
Kirkpatrick affiliates are hand-selected organizations that represent Kirkpatrick Partners around the world. They are the only organizations other than Kirkpatrick Partners authorized to offer authentic Kirkpatrick programs to their clients and the local market.

Kirkpatrick Affiliate Across
Across - Futuros Convergentes

Kirkpatrick Affiliate C2C Organizational Development

C2C Organizational Development
India / China 


Kirkpatrick Affiliate DPG Kirkpatrick Affiliate DPG

Development Processes Group, PLC
United Kingdom


Kirkpatrick Affiliate Focus on Results
Focus on Results

GMD Partnerships, the Kirkpatrick Partners affiliate in New Zealand and Australia

GMD Partnerships
New Zealand / Australia  




InnoTraining Inc.


The Learning Gym
Hong Kong


OnDemand Consulting, the Kirkpatrick Partners affiliate in China
On Demand Consulting


Promote International

Sedona Learning Solutions
United States of America


To better serve the needs of our clients, Kirkpatrick Partners personally selects training professionals who work with our affiliate companies or other organizations; these Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitators are the only people worldwide authorized to deliver authentic Kirkpatrick programs and services. Click here to meet these talented individuals who help us facilitate our programs. 

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