Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Kirkpatrick Certified FacilitatorKirkpatrick Certified Facilitator
Location: Alexandria, Virginia

Deanna Jones is a consultant with Kirkpatrick Partners. She is a Learning & Development expert who creates partnerships that ignite success. 

Deanna served over 30 years with the Central Intelligence Agency in a variety of roles in the Learning and Development arena. As a recognized Agency resource, she provided expert-level consultation on and management of key instructional design, evaluation and talent development projects. She also provided programmatic leadership to establish evaluation initiatives that enhanced mission effectiveness. She drove the effort to identify and track key efficiency and effective leading indicators to enhance mission impact. Deanna is passionate about serving as a strategic business partner who plans for maximized mission results.

Deanna was recently awarded the Career Intelligence Medal by the Central Intelligence Agency for her cumulative record of service, which reflects exceptional achievements that substantially contributed to the mission of the Agency.

Deanna earned her Masters of Arts in Public Administration from George Mason University, and is certified by the Central Intelligence Agency as a Master Intelligence Educator. Deanna is Kirkpatrick certified at the bronze, silver, and gold levels.

Download Deanna's Biography (.pdf) 

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